01 Mission Instructions

7. Iterate

If your robot did not succeed on its first try. 

Welcome to the club! It took us so many tries, we lost count! It's normal. 

In engineering, we try a solution, think about what needs to change, and then we iterate.

Before you start making changes to your program, save your file again and add a version number to your file name – you never know when you might want to take another look at an older version.

Here's an example: Obstacle_Course_v1

As you revise your program, here is a trick you might want to try.  

Set your GoPiGo next to a yardstick or measuring tape. Now, write a program that drives your GoPiGo forward for exactly 0.5 seconds. How far did it go? Can you use that information to make your program more successful?

Keep iterating, keep trying, and before you know it, your robot will be driving all over your house, looking for adventure!

If your robot completed the obstacle on its first try....

Wow! Even we didn't pull that off! If this happened to you, you might need to make your obstacle course a little harder. Try adding a few more obstacles and changing how far apart they are from each other.