03 Mission Instructions

3. Build

For this mission, you'll use the Light and Color Sensor, and you will need to attach it to your GoPiGo using zip ties or the Sensor Mount. 

Think about logical places to attach your sensor — a light sensor mounted underneath your GoPiGo will get a very different light reading than one on top. 

The GoPiGo has more than one port for attaching input and output devices, and although the cords on all these devices fit into all the connectors, the sensors will not work if plugged into the wrong port. When you are ready to build, start by plugging your Light and Color Sensor into an I2C port on your GoPiGo. Attach it securely and complete the rest of your animal build.

You may also want to use other materials to give your GoPiGo the shape of the animal you are modeling — you can use the materials that came in your GoBox this month, and any other supplies you have around your house (but get permission first)! 

Depending on the animal you chose, you might also build a small cave or fort for the animal to retreat into. 

Save the extra zip ties and supplies you received for future missions. You should have plenty to last through all of GoBox!