04 Mission Instructions

7. Code: Highest Threshold

Create a second [if-do] structure and repeat the steps for the second threshold you planned. 

Now let’s review the program you wrote.  If the noise is louder than your lowest threshold number, then do the lights & movement you planned. Then the robot will check to see if the noise is louder than the second (higher) threshold number. If it is, then it’ll escalate to the brighter, faster movements you chose. 

But if you’d like to push your thinking, you might consider tweaking it just a bit. In your lower-threshold [if-do] structure, you can add a green [and] logic block. This will tell your robot to do an action if the noise is between your two threshold numbers. Keep your second if-do loop as it stands and your robot can always skip ahead to check out that volume. Robots are surprisingly quick processors, so the delay won’t be noticeable at all.