06 Mission Instructions

1. Problem

Humans have been trying to accurately measure the passing of time since the dawn of 

civilization. At first, people measured time using regular occurrences in the natural world — the seasons, the height of the sun in the sky, the stars, the moon, and the tides. Then, people began to invent devices for measuring specific amounts of time — water clocks, sundials, time candles, all trying to measure smaller and smaller increments of time. 

Today, you have a powerful computer that can measure tiny fractions of seconds, and yours is small and portable as well! Unlike that ancient sundial that had to stay right where it was built, once you design and code your timer, you can send it anywhere it needs to go. 

Your mission is to design a timer, with a loud alarm, and then send it wherever you need to keep track of time. Keep track of cookies in the oven, or set a new speed goal when you’re playing a game or cleaning your room — the choice is yours.