07 Mission Instructions

1. Problem

Electricity is an extremely valuable resource. It enables almost every aspect of modern life from staying up past sunset to charging our phones and laptops, and some cars even use electricity instead of gasoline!

While electricity is so helpful to modern life, however, it is not an easy resource to create - and some of the ways we do create it are particularly harmful to the environment. So it is important to be a responsible citizen when choosing how you use electricity. Some ways to be a responsible citizen are: turn the lights off whenever you leave a room, unplug your charging cords when they aren’t actively charging a device, and take advantage of natural light streaming through your windows. 

Some people choose to create their own electricity using solar energy, or the energy from wind or water.  In order to build an electric system that can generate enough electricity for your life, you’ll need to start with a self-assessment.

For this mission, you will create a robot that counts how many times the lights are turned off and on each day for later analysis. Your robot will be placed in one common room of your house to record the information for you to analyze later.