08 Mission Instructions

1. Problem

Humans of all ages love to play games. Some games are brain games like puzzles, mazes, or sudokus. Other games are physical games like tag, relay races, or jumping contests. This mission introduces a game that requires a little bit of both.

Red Light, Green Light is a game that many students play in their classrooms and on the playground. One person is the Traffic Light. This person gives commands that control the traffic: either "Green Light!" or "Red Light!" Everyone else is in a race.

Whenever the Traffic Light is green, everyone tries to move as quickly as possible toward the light.

But when the Traffic Light is red, everyone needs to freeze. If the Traffic Light notices anyone moving during a Red Light, then those people are out of the game and have lost.

Your mission is to design a robot that can be the Traffic Light for a game of Red Light, Green Light. Then you can play alone or with your friends. To be successful, your robot will need to:

      1. Randomly change between Green Lights and Red Lights
      2. Sense motion during a Red Light
      3. Declare when the robot wins or loses
                  • The robot wins if it senses you moving during a Red Light. 
                  • The robot loses if you successfully tag it by moving only during Green Lights.