08 Mission Instructions

2. Build

Remove any extra sensors, outputs and attachments from your GoPiGo and attach your motion sensor and distance sensor (from Mission 05: Service Animal) to the AD1 and AD2 ports (GoPiGo3).  You’ll want to be sure both sensors are facing forward.

Use zip ties or other means to keep your cords nice and neat.

As usual, turn on your GoPiGo and connect to its Wi-Fi. Then type mygopigo.com into your web browser. 

Use the dropdown on the Sensor Control Panel to select the motion sensor in the port it is plugged into (either A1 or A2).

The PIR motion sensor is a digital sensor which will return a boolean value of "true" or "false". On the Sensor Control Panel, this will be represented by the words "motion detected" or "motion not detected". Remember that the sensor is very sensitive, so you may see some positive readings that you don't expect -- look around for other sources of motion! Maybe you're being wiggly yourself?!

Try waving at your GoPiGo at lots of different angles - can you find any blind spots where the robot can't see you? Write down your observations so you remember to plan for them in your design!