08 Mission Instructions

5. Code: Play the Game

In Red Light, Green Light, when the person who is the Traffic Light calls out, “Green Light!”, everyone starts walking, running, or hopping toward it as fast as they can.  Then the Traffic Light calls out, “Red Light!” and everyone freezes.  During a Red Light (which can be a super loooong red light, or lightning fast), if the Traffic Light catches anyone moving, wiggling, or falling over, that person is out and they’ve lost the game.

Today, you are creating a robot that is the Traffic Light. Your robot will need to signal to you when you are supposed to be moving (Green Light) and when you should be frozen (Red Light).  How you do this is up to you, but we’ve included an example if you want to see what we came up with.  

In our example, you might notice that we included a very short Yellow Light that’s not normally part of the human recess game. When we were testing the game in our lab, we were a little too slow at stopping our bodies for a Red Light. Building in the Yellow Light helped our human brains and bodies have enough time to react to the robot Traffic Light. 

**Note: if you run your program right now, the robot will always lose! That is normal. We’ll start solving that problem in the next step!