08 Mission Instructions

6. What Makes a Game?, part 1

Right now, your robot can flash its eyes at you in several different colors, but that’s not the most exciting game.  First of all, it only flashes each color once and then it stops, but secondly, it isn’t looking for you! A friend who doesn’t notice when you’re around is not a great friend to play with. So let’s start telling our robot how to look for us - and when!

Most importantly, we want our robots to keep playing until either we win or the robot wins, so we’ll wrap our game commands from the last step into a repeat until loop. And the logic that we’ll need to add to that until… loop will need to have two possible ways to get out of the loop and end the game, so let’s grab the Logic block, [true] [and] [true]. Change the ‘and’ dropdown into an ‘or’. After all, only one person/robot can win. Whichever statements happens first will determine the winner. 

Let’s start with how exactly you can win the game - and what your robot needs to do, too. 

In Red Light, Green Light, if any of the runners tags the person who is it without getting caught during a Red Light, that person wins. 

Which sensor can detect that you are close enough to the robot to win the game?