11 Mission Instructions

1. Problem

When someone from your family orders a toy from a big online store, this toy has to be taken off a shelf in a vast warehouse and brought to a packaging area before it can be shipped to you. This is actually a lot of work because those warehouses are huge! 

To keep costs down and to allow the warehouse to be functional all hours of the day for next day deliveries, robots are beginning to be used to fetch items. 

You don’t have a huge warehouse but you can still do something similar. Your mission is to create a cookie delivery robot. How could this work?

1) What will be the starting point where the cookie gets ‘loaded’ onto the GoPiGo? 

2) What will be the ending point for the cookie to be delivered and presumably consumed? 

3) How can you put a line on the floor for the GoPiGo to follow? 

4) How can you code the GoPiGo to follow the line?