BrickPi Candy Sorter

Sort your Halloween candy with Google Cloud Vision and Raspberry Pi.

9. More Candy?

Aside from the cute tricks with LEGO, some awesome computing power is going on. In this project, we’ve harnessed some high end computing power to do a simple task: sort your candy. We’re using a lot of computing power: a Raspberry Pi linked to the Cloud and accessing Google Vision – that’s a whole lot of computers for sorting candy! Humans are still in charge of the robots and candy-sorting is serious business when you’re two years old!

While the task may seem simple, that’s kind of the point. This tutorial demonstrates a really simple but boring task that can be automated with Google Cloud Vision. Making this technology accessible is important, and combining Google Cloud Vision and the Raspberry Pi Camera does that!

The robots are coming, and they’ll probably be running Google Cloud Vision!