BrickPi Selfie Stick

Turn your BrickPi into a Selfie Stick.

5. Design Your Selfie Stick

Now that everything is working, it’s time to turn this camera setup into a selfie stick! This is where you can let your creativity take over – I used an old scrap of PVC pipe, some LEGOs I had laying around, and some electrical tape for stability. You could also use a yardstick, cardboard + tape, or any building material you can get your hands on. Recyclables like old (clean) yogurt containers could work well for supporting the battery pack, for example.

The basic idea is to have the touch sensor down by your hand, and the Pi Camera way at the other end of the stick. The other stuff is all up to you!

The main limiting factor in my design was cord length. You need to plug the touch sensor into your Pi, your Battery Pack into your Pi, and your Pi Camera into your Pi! All of this stuff impacts your design, so think about any modifications or other supplies (like an extra long cord to plug in your touch sensor!) you may want to order or make.