BrickPi Selfie Stick

Turn your BrickPi into a Selfie Stick.

7. Trigger & Battery Support

The BrickPi itself is pretty heavy, so in my design, I wanted to cut down on the weight perched way out on the stick by moving the Battery Pack to the base of the stick. To do this, you either need a long power cable, or you can do what I did and extend the regular short wire by splicing in a length of wire and soldering it together. There are a lot of great resources online for this process – check out this example, or search around for yourself.)

Cut & Strip Wires

Twist one end of the wire with a stripped end of a long piece of wire.

Solder and cover with electrical tape.

This meant that my trigger (touch sensor) and my Battery Pack would both be sitting at the base of my selfie stick. So I again built a little LEGO structure to secure the parts to the stick. My PVC pipe had a small drill hole in it already, so I used that to anchor the LEGO to the stick. Again, you can do this any way you like – the key is stability.

LEGO stuck into PVC with the help of a hole and an axle.

My trigger and battery holder

Front View