BrickPi Selfie Stick

Turn your BrickPi into a Selfie Stick.

9. Selfie Away!

My complicated selfie stick! What improvements did you make?

BrickPi selfies will make you the coolest person at the office!

You're all set! Go forth and take selfies! When you’ve taken a bunch, bring your Pi back to its monitor and grab the photos off it. You may find that the photos don’t save where you think they do, or that your face is blurry in all of them – practice makes perfect, even in the selfie world!

Tip: If you are struggling to find your selfies, you can always type “find / -name *selfie-*.jpg” into your terminal. It will return any files with the name “selfie-XX.jpg”. If you have a monitor hooked up, you can then use the “display” command to look at the photos. Check out the camera testing links above for more details.