Creating your own GoPiGo Parts

In lesson 3 of the Engineering Design Process unit, students will learn how to take the concepts taught in lesson 2 and extend them into their own creations such as customized bumpers or a new way to mount a sensor.

2. Investigate: Peg Test

In lesson 2 you designed parts for your GoPiGo using two pegs to attach the parts. However, your GoPiGo has holes that we can attach parts to all over its body. We are not limited to the two holes that the license plate or flag used. Your Challenge in this lesson is to test or research how well one peg works compared to two or three. You may find that one peg is more appropriate for a project than two pegs or three pegs, or you may find that you need the added stability or strength of a second or third peg.

Use the attached worksheet to help compare the different style pegs provided by your teacher.