Creating your own GoPiGo Parts

In lesson 3 of the Engineering Design Process unit, students will learn how to take the concepts taught in lesson 2 and extend them into their own creations such as customized bumpers or a new way to mount a sensor.

5. Plan: Make a Plan

Now that you have some different ideas of how to attach parts it is time to create a plan for your own design. You have two separate options for this and you may want to use both of them to help generate some ideas if you are stuck.

1) If my GoPiGo were.... activity - In this exercise, you will consider a few different types of vehicles that we commonly see on the road and draw how you imagine a GoPiGo would look if it was one of these types of vehicles.

2) Plan Your Own Design activity - Attached is a worksheet to help you make a plan for an original 3d model.

* Both design worksheets have transparent GoPiGo images on them so that students may draw over them.

** Don't feel compelled to stick to just plastic filament Students can incorporate the use of other materials in their design.