Creating your own GoPiGo Parts

In lesson 3 of the Engineering Design Process unit, students will learn how to take the concepts taught in lesson 2 and extend them into their own creations such as customized bumpers or a new way to mount a sensor.

7. Evaluate

How did your design work? Did all of the parts fit correctly and look amazing? If not, how could you rework your design for a more successful print next time? Perhaps adding supports or remeasuring some parts could help. If you are really stuck, try doing some smaller test prints to troubleshoot why things aren't working.

How did you enjoy the process of designing your vehicle parts? look around the room and observe all of the items that had to be designed to fit together so that the form and function of that product could work. You'll likely find several examples (like your mechanical pen) that took an engineer and the engineering design process to create. Would you like to design products as a career?