Build a Self Driving Car With the GoPiGo3

2. Build Your Roadmap

Let's build our roadmap, or the community we are going to navigate around. In our example, we include eight destinations: four student houses and four destinations. We will connect all the houses with roads.

In our example, we used a roll of butcher paper about 3 feet by 9 feet. You can use any size you want, and you can add as many destinations as you want. Our example was made to show you what can be done, but if you have additional destinations or students homes you want to add, you can do so very easily. There are a few key points to keep in mind when building your community and laying out your roads.

  1. The roads are made of black electrical tape. You can use any tape you like, but the higher the contrast between the road and the background paper, the easier it is for the line follower to read the line. You can also use a black permanent marker. But, be sure to use black if you can and don't draw directly on the floor!
  2. The tape (or roads) should be between 1 and 2 cm wide. So find tape that's about 1-2 cm wide, or use a heavy marker to mark out the road.
  3. Intersections are great! As you can see in our video, the robot can handle intersections. Be sure that the intersecting roads are about 90 degrees.
  4. Space your intersections: the intersections must be about one GoPiGo3 body length apart from each other (around 30 cm apart).
  5. Your destinations should be "T" shaped. Destinations are where you want your Self Driving Car to stop; so a student's house, a museum, a school: these are all destinations.

You can download the attached Word document as a template for printing out your own destinations if you like!