Build a Self Driving Car With the GoPiGo3

9. Take a Real Trip

Finally, let's take a real trip with multiple destinations. Our GoPiGo now has the functions we need to handle an intersection, to handle other cars, and to turn around at the destination.

Let's imagine we have to pick John and Matt up, and then drop them at school. Next, we want to pick up Nicole and Robert, and then drop Robert at the Ice Skating Rink, and Nicole at the Theater.

We want to do the following:

  1. Start at John's House
  2. Go to Matt's House
  3. Go to School
  4. Go to Nicole's House
  5. Go to Robert's House
  6. Go to the Ice Skating Rink
  7. Go to the Theater
We can now see how useful the functions are. If we had to write them out individually it would be enormous! However, since we've written our functions, our trip can be easily assembled together now!