Rolly Robot Alarm Clock

Build a robot alarm clock that makes you get out of bed to turn it off.

1. Introduction

Ever find yourself turning off your alarm clock without realizing it only to wake up an hour later and have to race out the door? We can help with that by building a robot alarm clock that makes you get out of bed to turn it off! Not only that, but the robot will be able to sync to your Google Calender allowing for the alarm time to be adjusted using almost any device.

Today almost everyone uses their phone as an alarm clock which has a range of benefits. Phones are easy to set, easy to adjust, play custom songs, and can even sense when is the best time to wake you up. The problem is, unless your phone is across the room, we use our phones so much we can literally use them in our sleep.

Why not build a robot that is able to do all these things, but will not stop till you get up and start moving! Our robot will be able to easily move randomly around the room over any surface with ease while playing a custom alarm tone. In order to set the alarm, simply link the program on the BrickPi to your Google account and it will search events with the title “wake1” and automatically start the alarm at the events time. This means the alarm time can very easily be adjusted using any device that can access your Google Calender.