10 Mission Instructions

Your mission is to create a remote control car that won't get into an accident. 

2. Design: Remote Control Functions

First, design your simple remote control car! Think about which buttons on the remote you want to use. One idea is to use the arrow keys to control the direction of the GoPiGo, and the OK key in the middle to mean Stop. But you don’t have to go with this approach. You’re the car builder and the car owner, so you can choose what you want! 

Plan what you want each button to do on a piece of paper. Create a graphic organizer for the information like the one shown to organize the information. 

Do you want to be able to control the GoPiGo’s speed? It will be a slightly more complex program to write, but not by much. Fill in the following table, describing what type of action you want the GoPiGo to take when the key is pressed. You do not need to plan an action for every key. Some will be unused and that’s fine.