11 Mission Instructions

Your mission is to create a cookie delivery robot.

2. Design

You are going to have to plan your delivery route and there are many challenges to be solved. 

Start by choosing your start and end points. Maybe your room isn’t on the same floor as the kitchen in which case there’s no way the GoPiGo can bring you cookies. Our trusty little robot can’t handle stairs yet, but it can probably go to a different room, like the living room. 

Think about your home layout to decide with rooms you will be using for this. Keep in mind that carpets can pose a challenge, so choose a path that is on hard flooring like wood, or linoleum and maybe tile. If you are using a carpet, consider a creative alternative like braided yarn or rope that's a contrasting color to your carpet!

Once you have both the start and end points, you will need to trace the route itself. You have two options: 

1) You can lay down some black painter’s tape on the floor but be careful as it may leave a residue behind! Get permission before you stick any kind of tape onto the floor.

2) Print out the PDF file with a route printed on it. If you print them on card stock paper, they are solid enough and will last long enough to complete the mission. 

Assemble your route by connecting the sheets according to your plan, using transparent tape. The sheets allow you to create straight lines and turns as needed. You’ll need to figure out which sheets to print and how many of each. You don’t need to make a long line either, just a couple of feet is enough to complete the mission. 

Cargo: Choose what you want your robot to carry. If you plan to use a real cookie, you need to design a protective shell to make sure no crumbs fall on the GoPiGo circuit boards. Do NOT plan on sending a glass of milk. Liquids of any type are a big no-no and can kill your robot. 

It is also a good idea to keep pets away from the GoPiGo, especially if they want to grab the cookie!