11 Mission Instructions

Your mission is to create a cookie delivery robot.

3. Build: Assemble the Line Follower

First, you need to assemble the line follower. For that, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. 

Use the diagrams below to help you out (protective paper has been kept on the bumper so it’s easier to see). If you want, check out the directions on the Dexter Industries website.

Insert the long screws from the side of the line follower that has the sensors to keep the acrylic bumper in place. On the other side of the line follower, attach the two spacer disks and posts. The port is already on that side of the line follower. 

Next, you will need to attach the line follower to your GoPiGo. Use the two small screws to attach to the front of the bottom acrylic body. It’s important that your line follower is level, which means each of the five sensors should be at the same distance from the floor. Take the supplied cable and connect your brand new sensor to the I2C port, underneath the GoPiGo. A green LED and a blinking red LED will turn on when you power up the GoPiGo. 

Check out the video for more help with assembly.