12 Mission Instructions

Your mission is to create a robotic seismograph that can travel to remote locations and measure tiny tremors. First, you will invent a way to simulate earthquakes so you can test your robot safely.  Then you will design, test, and refine your robot until it is gathering the most useful data for you. 

3. Build Your Shake Table and Prep Your Robot

Set up your shake table, as you planned. Try it out - can your earthquake knock down a block building or house of cards?

Then, remove any extra sensors, outputs and attachments from your GoPiGo and attach your IMU sensor to the A1 or A2 port (GoPiGo3). Use zip ties or other means to keep your cords nice and neat.

Before you turn on your robot, plug in a USB drive in one of the four USB ports - you’ll need it for this mission.