Find Someone Who... Beginning of the Year Activity

Students will use GoPiGo robots to transport questions to other students in the class to find out more about one another.

Set up:


      1. Divide the class into groups of 3 (or a group size that will allow each group to share a robot).
      2. Distribute a "Find Someone Who" student handout to each group as well as sticky notes or paper and tape. If students are using the blank template, give them 5-7 minutes to develop statements to complete the organizer.
      3. Groups should position themselves around the room so that they are not all sitting together. Groups may only communicate with one another silently (writing, passing a note via the GoPiGo, or hand signals).
      4. Groups will write a question from the statements on their sheet on a sticky note or a piece of paper and attach it to their GoPiGo. They will then program or drive their robot to travel to another group. If a student can provide a positive response to the statement, they will write their name on the sticky note or paper and silently signal that the robot can return to the original group.
      5. Students will repeat this process until they have names that complete all of the statements on their sheet.

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