Sensor Data Twitter Feed

Learn to make a live sensor Twitter feed powered by Raspberry Pi and GrovePi.


In this project we use the GrovePi with the Grove LED, DHT Sensor, Light Sensor, and Sound Sensor to Tweet the value live to the internet.  You can use this example to make a live sensor Twitter Feed powered by Raspberry Pi and GrovePi.

This is a simple example to demonstrate how to use multiple Grove sensors with GrovePi in your projects.  Al the parts used in this project are available in the GrovePi Starter Kit.

Hardware Required

      1. GrovePi+ Starter Kit

Connecting the Sensors

Connect the Sound Sensor to Port A0, Light Sensor to Port A1, LED to Port D3, and the DHT Sensor to Port 04. 

Running the Program

In the Raspberry Pi terminal, change directory to GrovePi/Projects/Sensor Twitter Feed:

cd /GrovePi/Projects/Sensor_Twitter_Feed/

In the directory, Run the in example python program in root (sudo):

sudo python

You will start getting the data live on Twitter in a few seconds.

Source Code

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