03 Quick Start


Your mission is to develop a robot that mimics how an animal responds to light in its environment.


Choose an animal that responds to light in its environment and write a plan for how your robot will mimic that behavior.


Attach your Light & Color Sensor to an I2C Port on your GoPiGo. 

Create a cave or other covering for your robot to hide under. 

Decorate your robot to mimic the physical traits of the animal you chose. 

Code: Find Your Threshold

Read the Sensor Panel in Bloxter and choose a middle-ish number to be the threshold at which your robot's behavior will change between light and dark.

Code: Program Your Robot

Add the detailed behavior into your conditional statement


Test your robot with different starting conditions.


Change and improve your robot.  Biomimicry is an advanced scientific field that is often focused on the smaller details. 

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