This is the first challenge within the Robotics with GoPiGo and Python Curriculum.

Your task is to program your robot to navigate an area of previously unseen terrain to reach its destination, passing through a number of waypoints.

2. Vocabulary

landmark is a recognisable feature of a landscape or town. Landmarks often used to establish your location.

waypoint is a physical location in space where we want to change direction or stop. Waypoints are often used as navigational aids for ships and planes.

Class: a blueprint for creating objects of a specific type (e.g. cars) and describing their properties (e.g. make, model, color) and the things that they can do (e.g. drive forward)

Instance: an object that has been constructed from a class. The car that is stopped at the light is an example of an instance of the class 'car'. So is the other car which is currently speeding and might not stop in time to avoid an accident.

Function: a collection of lines of code that map to a specific functionality and is referred to by a name.

Argument: a value that may be passed to a function.