Introduction to 3D Modeling

In this second of five lessons on the Engineering Design Process, students will 3d model a license plate or flag for their GoPiGo robot using a color (basic) or the name they chose (advanced) in Lesson 1 (In lesson 1, we chose a name for our robot based on our favorite engineer, inventor or computer scientist). This lesson uses the free website to begin the process of 3d modeling. Upon completion of this lesson students will have a .stl file of a license plate or flag which can be printed on classroom 3d printers and will be able to be attached to the GoPiGo.

1. Investigate: Define the problem

Unpacking your new GoPiGo robots can be an exciting time for a classroom. But once the robots are assembled how can you tell them apart? As humans, we are able to identify each other based on physical characteristics and then associate those characteristics with names that have been given to us. This works wonderfully for humans, but when robots are created from the same mold and all look alike, how can we tell them apart?

How are you able to find your car in a parking lot? How are some of these methods similar to how you can tell a robot apart from other robots and how is it different?