06 Mission Instructions

Your mission is to design a timer, with a loud alarm, and then send it wherever you need to keep track of time. 

4. Build

Reminder: your GoPiGo has more than one port for attaching input and output devices, and although the cords on all these devices fit into all the connectors, the sensors will not work if plugged into the wrong port. The buzzer is an output device, something that takes a signal from that Raspberry Pi brain and sends information back out to the world. This time, it will be in the form of a loud noise.

Once you have threaded the cable through your amplifier, you will need to plug your buzzer into the correct port. For output devices, use either one of the Analog Digital ports (instead of the I2C ports you used before). 

Attach your amplifier securely to the roof of your GoPiGo (tape or a zip tie works well for this) and decorate it as desired. When everything is hooked up and ready, turn on your GoPiGo and get ready to code!